Annie Dear I'm Called Away

DESCRIPTION: A soldier tells his darling, Annie or Maggie, that "his country needs his aid;... I'm called away." Dying, wounded in a "fearful conflict. Victory ... nobly won," he asks, "if you're spared to see my darling Tell her I was called away"
AUTHOR: Harry Hunter and John Guest (source: Sean Mone, liner notes to "Sarah Makem: As I Roved Out")
EARLIEST DATE: 1886 (Wehman's [Universal Songster] Collection)
KEYWORDS: courting love battle war parting separation death soldier
FOUND IN: Canada(Newf) Ireland
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Guigné-ForgottenSongsOfTheNewfoundlandOutports, pp. 26-27, "Annie Dear I'm Called Away" (1 text, 1 tune)
ADDITIONAL: Wehman's [Universal Songster] Collection of 98 Songs No. 10 (New York, 1886 ("Digitized by Internet Archive)), p. 8, "Called Away" ("By a cottage in the twilight") (1 text)

Roud #5700
Monroe Brothers, "Goodbye Maggie" (2003, "Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys 1937-1949," JSP Records CD JSP7712B (recorded 1937-1938))
Sarah Makem, "Annie Dear I'm Called Away" (on Sarah Makem, "Sarah Makem: As I Roved Out" [Vol. 2], Musical Traditions Records MTCD354 CD (2011))

NOTES [114 words]: Guigné-ForgottenSongsOfTheNewfoundlandOutports's text has an added verse: the soldiers march away and she dreams she hears him say, "Annie dear, I'm called away." Wehman's text adds a chorus: "Good-bye, Maggie, good-bye, darling, Tho' I fain would with thee stay; 'Tis decreed that I must leave thee, Maggie, dear, I'm called away." The Monroe Brothers keep the Wehman form but have a second verse that shares a couple of lines with Guigné-ForgottenSongsOfTheNewfoundlandOutports's.
Sarah Makem's chorus is close to Wehman's but her second verse is close to Guigné-ForgottenSongsOfTheNewfoundlandOutports's, not Wehman's. The Monroe Brothers have everyone's verses and the chorus. - BS
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