Please Lord, Don't Leave Me

DESCRIPTION: Chorus: "Please Lord, don't leave me (alone) (x3), Guide me on my way." Verses are floaters about Noah's ark, "... two by two, ... kangaroo," the raven and dove, and "rainbow sign, It wouldn't be water but fire next time"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 2008 (USSeaIsland04)
KEYWORDS: Bible flood floatingverses religious animal bird
Gullah Kinfolk, "Gullah Intro/Pleeze Lawdy" (on USSeaIsland04)
cf. "Old Uncle Noah" (theme, some lines) and references there
cf. "Don't Leave Me, Lord" (chorus)
NOTES [31 words]: While "Please Lord, Don't Leave Me" shares a chorus with "Don't Leave Me, Lord" the verse structure is different: "Please Lord, Don't Leave Me" verse has no repeated alternate line. - BS
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File: GuKiGLPL

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