Bangor Fire, The

DESCRIPTION: "It was on a Sunday afternoon, The sky was bright and clear, The people... felt no dread or fear." But a fire starts on Broad Street, and much of the town of Bangor burns. The song catalogs buildings destroyed. It praises mayor, firefighters, and God
AUTHOR: Words: John J. Friend
EARLIEST DATE: 1916 (Gray-SongsAndBalladsOfTheMaineLumberjacks)
April 30, 1911 - The Bangor Fire
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Gray-SongsAndBalladsOfTheMaineLumberjacks, pp. 176-179, "The Bangor Fire" (1 text)
NOTES [111 words]: For such a dramatic event, the Bangor Fire is very little mentioned in histories. Not one of the printed references I checked had any data. There is a short article in Wikipedia noting that only two people were killed, but that nearly 300 homes and 100 business were destroyed, along with most of the town's civic buildings. Damage was estimated at over three million 1911 dollars.
There is a book by Wayne E. Reilly, Remembering Bangor: The Queen City Before the Great Fire (2009). I have not seen it.
This account, which is accurate as far as I can tell, really does sound like the recital of an eyewitness, although there is no evidence it went into tradition. - RBW
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