Maine Battle Song

DESCRIPTION: "Come, sogers! take your muskets up; And grasp your faithful rifles; We're gwoin to lick the red coat men, Who call us Yankees, 'trifles.'" Loggers and soldiers will drive off the inept British invaders. They will decide the border by battle
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1842 (McCarty, _Songs, Odes, and Other Poems on National Subjects, according to Gray); probably published in newspapers in 1839
KEYWORDS: political soldier
1839 - the "Aroostook War"
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Gray, pp. 160-161, "Maine Battle Song" (1 text)
ADDITIONAL: John Francis Sprague, _The North Eastern Boundary Controversy and the Aroostook War_, Observer Press, 1910, pp. 110-111, "Maine Battle Song" (1 text, apparently the same text, and from the same source, as Gray's)

cf. "The Aroostook War" (subject: Aroostook War)
cf. "Maine Soldiers' Song" (subject: Aroostook War)
NOTES: For background on the Aroostook almost-war, see the notes to "The Aroostook War." Of the three songs Gray prints on this subject, all vigorously anti-British, this is the most jingoistic -- I strongly suspect that, had there been an actual battle, the British regulars would have destroyed the American militia. - RBW
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