Lovewell's Fight (II)

DESCRIPTION: Lovewell and fifty men set out from Dunstable. Other members of the party include Farwell, Harwood, Wyman, and Chaplain Frye. They kill an Indian, then are ambushed by 80 others. The deaths of several are described. Old men remember the fight sadly.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1824 (Farmer and Moore, according to Gray)
KEYWORDS: battle Indians(Am.) clergy
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Gray, pp. 134-139, "Lovewell's Fight, II" (1 text, from a broadside)
cf. "Lovewell's Fight (I)" (subject)
NOTES: Lest the Indians be blamed for this battle, it should be noted that Lovewell and his men were scalphunters -- receiving one hundred pounds for each trophy they brought in. For background, see the notes to "Lovewell's Fight (I)."
Although neither Lovewell song is very good, this one is particularly overwrought. To tell it from "Lovewell's Fight (I)," consider this first stanza:
What time the noble Lovewell came,
With fifty men from Dunstable,
The cruel Pequa'rt tribe to tame,
With arms and bloodshed terrible.. - RBW
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