Sash My Father Wore (II), The

DESCRIPTION: The singer is "a loyal Orangeman, just come across the sea." He loves to sing and dance and -- on the Twelfth -- wear his father's sash. He is returning to Dromore but he hopes to come back again to be welcomed by his brethren.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: c.1895 (Graham)
KEYWORDS: clothes Ireland derivative nonballad patriotic father
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Graham, p. 21, "The Sash My Father Wore" (1 text, 1 tune)
cf. "The Sash My Father Wore (I)" (subject, chorus and tune) and references there
cf. "The Hat My Father Wore" (many lines)
NOTES [39 words]: Searching the web for an "accepted" text I found both versions I and II. The text of this version is very close to that of "The Hat My Father Wore," sharing many lines in each verse and substituting Orange references for Green. - BS
File: Grah021

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