Irishman's Shanty

DESCRIPTION: "Did you ever hear of an Irishman's shanty Where water was scarce and whiskey was plenty? A two-legged stool and a table to match A stick in the door instead of a latch?"
AUTHOR: George W. Osborn
EARLIEST DATE: before 1879 (broadside, LOCSinging sb20211b)
KEYWORDS: poverty drink humorous nonballad
FOUND IN: Canada(Newf) Ireland US(SE)
REFERENCES (3 citations):
Greenleaf/Mansfield 109, "Irishman's Shanty" (1 fragment)
O'Conor, pp. 118-119, "The Irishman's Shanty" (1 text)
Morris, #243, "The Irishman's Shanty" (1 short text)

Roud #4838
Bodleian, Harding B 18(295), "The Irishman's Shanty," H. De Marsan (New York), 1864-1878 [same as LOCSinging sb20211b]; also Harding B 18(296), "The Irishman's Shanty"
LOCSinging, sb20211b, "The Irishman's shanty," H. De Marsan (New York), 1864-1878 [same as Bodleian Harding B 18(295)]; also as106270, as106280, as201680, "The Irishman's shanty"

cf. "The Irish Washerwoman" (tune and meter)
cf. "The Old Country Party" (tune)
NOTES: Broadsides LOCSinging sb20211b and Bodleian Harding B 18(295): H. De Marsan dating per Studying Nineteenth-Century Popular Song by Paul Charosh in American Music, Winter 1997, Vol 15.4, Table 1, available at FindArticles site. - BS
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