Gardener's Delight, The

DESCRIPTION: "The gardener delights in his jolly flowers ... But my delight's in a bonny young lass." Adam, "lord and king o' the nation," needed "a young lass to lie near him" to complete his bliss. The singer is poor but "the rich and grand" have no more than he.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1907 (GreigDuncan7)
KEYWORDS: sex Bible nonballad wife gardening flowers
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Aber))
REFERENCES (1 citation):
GreigDuncan7 1270, "The Gardener's Delight" (2 texts, 1 tune)
Roud #7186
NOTES: The tale of the creation of the woman from the rib of the man is told in Genesis 2:21-22 (with the description of her as his partner continuing until 2:24, and the statement that none of the animals was a partner fit for him in 3:20). The other account of the creation, in Genesis 1:27, strongly implies that men and women were created at the same time (implying, obviously, a different sort of partnership).
We might add that Genesis 2:15 has God putting Adam in the Garden of Eden "to till and keep it." - RBW
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File: GrD71270

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