Weeping Willer, The

DESCRIPTION: The miller's daughter weeps because William joined the army. She writes a suicide note, plans to hang herself from the willow hanging over the water, and changes her mind. Rather than risk falling in such cold water she'll wait till the weather is hotter
AUTHOR: Harry Clifton (source: GreigDuncan6)
EARLIEST DATE: before 1884 (broadside, Bodleian Firth b.25(184))
KEYWORDS: grief love separation suicide humorous
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Aber))
REFERENCES (1 citation):
GreigDuncan6 1247, "The Miller's Daughter" (1 text)
Bodleian, Firth b.25(184), "The Weeping Willer" ("Down by the country side, lives old Gray the miller"), H. Disley (London), 1860-1883; also Harding B 11(4086), "The Weeping Willer"
NOTES: GreigDuncan6 is incomplete; broadside Bodleian Firth b.25(184) is the basis for the description.
The suicide note illustrates the tone of the song: "Take this to William Phipps, straight to him be tellin' His Susan died through suicide. P.S. - Please excuse bad spellin'." In the end she decides that, if she can't find a more faithful lover, "I'm half inclin'd to marry a man for money." - BS
For background on author Harry Clifton, see the notes to "The Good Ship Kangaroo." - RBW
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