Bleaching Her Claes

DESCRIPTION: The singer meets a shepherdess herding her flock and bleaching her clothes. He says he loves her. She continues bleaching her clothes because her mother has warned her to have no faith in young men. He kisses her. She says, "Laddie be true"
AUTHOR: George Murray (source: Whitelaw)
EARLIEST DATE: 1843 (Whitelaw-Song)
KEYWORDS: courting warning farming mother clothes
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Aber))
REFERENCES (2 citations):
GreigDuncan5 967, "The Bleachin' o' the Claes" (3 texts, 2 tunes)
Whitelaw-Song, p. 594, "Bleaching Her Claes"

Roud #6766
cf. "Ballenden Braes" (tune, per Whitelaw)
The Bickerin' Burnie
NOTES [15 words]: Whitelaw notes at least one appearance earlier than his: "Once printed in Upper Canada." - BS
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File: GrD5967

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