Souters' Feast, The

DESCRIPTION: "The souters [shoemakers] they had a feast ... Souters cam' frae far and near." One got drunk and began to shit leather, lasts, knives and broken glass. And when he seemed finished "he spued a muckle beatin' stane"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1905 (GreigDuncan3)
KEYWORDS: drink food bawdy humorous scatological clothes
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Aber))
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Greig "Folk-Song in Buchan," pp. 23-25, "The Souters' Feast"; Greig 12, pp. 1-2, "The Souters' Feast" (2 texts plus 1 fragment)
GreigDuncan3 629, "The Souters' Feast" (6 texts, 3 tunes)

Roud #6072
Tanty Eerie Orum
NOTES [38 words]: Greig #42: "In rustic song the Shoemaker becomes the Souter, and as such, is usually treated in humorous style. 'The Souters' Feast' (Art XII) may be recalled as a wholesale example of this tendency to poke fun at the craft." - BS
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File: GrD3629

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