Drap o' Cappie O, The

DESCRIPTION: Tammie Lammie's wife likes ale. She asks him to share a dram. When she reproves him for his drink he packs her in a sack and dunks her by the turning mill wheel. She fears for her life. She lives happily afterwards but never asks for another drink.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: before 1894 (Murison collection, according to Lyle, _Fairies and Folk_)
KEYWORDS: drink humorous husband wife drowning river abuse
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Aber))
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Greig #177, p. 1, "The Drap o' Cappie" (1 text)
GreigDuncan3 582, "The Drap o' Cappie O" (3 texts, 2 tunes)

Roud #5893
Tammie Lammie
File: GrD3582

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