Spinnin' o't, The

DESCRIPTION: Once "some canty goodman" sang "A wee pickle tow for the spinnin o't." "The stupid auld carlin" left the linen too close to the fireplace. The goodman says that he had asked forty years for a shirt with nothing to show.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1909 (GreigDuncan3)
KEYWORDS: shrewishness fire husband wife
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Aber))
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Greig #60, p. 2, "The Spinnin' o't" (1 fragment)
GreigDuncan3 474, "The Spinnin' o't" (1 fragment)

Roud #5971
cf. "She's Aye Tease, Teasin'" (theme: the wife who won't spin, but sets the flax on fire)
NOTES [64 words]: Greig prints only the first verse of the three in GreigDuncan3 and considers it "an introductory verse to 'The spinnin' o't' [that is, "The Wee Pickle Tow"] which I have never come across in any version of the song which I have hitherto seen." GreigDuncan3's other two verses still seem introductory, hardly advancing the story, and may be just a fragment of "The Wee Pickle Tow." - BS
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File: GrD3474

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