Jeannie o' Planteenie

DESCRIPTION: Dialog. Jean, dressed as a man, asks Jamie, the shepherd, about his plans to marry. He has promised to marry someone. She encourages him to play the field. He is shocked. She reveals herself. They kiss, marry, and have "peace and plenty"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1881 (Christie)
LONG DESCRIPTION: Dialog. Stranger asks directions to Traquair. Shepherd asks what he's been about. Stranger: I've had my fill of kisses. Shepherd: I'm afraid you've left someone mourning. Stranger, changing the subject: are you married? Shepherd: No but there's one "to whom I did promise To wed her as soon as my stock I'd get free." Stranger: "Ye're foolish to bind to a woman." Shepherd: "I likit her aye since we were at ta school." Stranger: I'm in no mind to marry. I visited one girl at night when her mother was away and took her to bed. Shepherd: Curse you for that. Stranger: Why? She'd pass as a maiden with any other. Shepherd: You both deserve beating with a hazel stick. Stranger, satisfied, reveals herself as Jean. Shepherd Jamie: "Grant me a' the kisses ye have got to spare" Both: "Now we are wedded and married together"
KEYWORDS: courting love marriage cross-dressing dialog shepherd
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Aber))
REFERENCES (2 citations):
GreigDuncan1 167, "Jeannie o' Planteenie" (5 texts, 3 tunes)
ADDITIONAL: W. Christie, editor, Traditional Ballad Airs (Edinburgh, 1881 (downloadable pdf by University of Edinburgh, 2007)), Vol II, pp. 142-143, "Jeannie o' Planteenie" (1 tune)

Roud #5829
Jamie and Jeannie
The Shepherd
The Hills o' Traquair
NOTES: Is it just me, or does this *really* sound like a stage dialog? - RBW
Christie: "As far as the Editor has discovered through old people, "Jeannie o' Planteenie" was sung in Buchan, and, doubtless, in other parts of Scotland, during the last half of the last century [18C]." - BS
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