Sandy and Nap

DESCRIPTION: Napoleon and the Tsar quarrel. When Bony had raised his army Sandy warns Bony against attacking. Bony rejects the warning. At Moscow Bony told his starving men biscuits and brandy were near but saw them burnt. Bony escapes the Cossacks and frost.
AUTHOR: William Lillie (source: Greig)
EARLIEST DATE: 1887 (William Walker, _Bards of Bon-Accord 1375-1860_, according to GreigDuncan1)
KEYWORDS: war fire Russia humorous Napoleon soldier food
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Aber))
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Greig #53, pp. 1-2, "'The Twa Emperors' or 'Sandy and Nap'" (1 text)
GreigDuncan1 149, "Sandy and Nap" (6 texts, 3 tunes)

Roud #2874
cf. "The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow" (tune)
The Twa Emperors
The Siege of Moscow
NOTES [71 words]: Greig: "This piece refers of course to Napoleon's Russian campaign of 1812 -- his invasion of that country, the burning of Moscow by the Russians themselves, and the disastrous retreat of the French army."
Greig, writing in 1908: "The first appearance of the song in print was in the columns of a contemporary between forty and fifty years ago, when it was given as the composition of 'the late William Lillie, Inverugie." - BS
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