At the Mataura

DESCRIPTION: "The folk are going mad outright, the yellow fever's at its height, And nothing's heard both day and night but gold at the Mataura." The miners even leave the women behind in order to seek gold. They all heed "Sam's Call" to the (fake) goldfields
AUTHOR: portions anonymous, adapted (and set to music?) by Phil Garland
EARLIEST DATE: 2009 (Garland-FacesInTheFirelight-NZ)
KEYWORDS: gold mining travel trick
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Garland-FacesInTheFirelight-NZ, pp. 67-68, "(At the Mataura)" (1 short text)
NOTES [47 words]: Apparently a fellow by the name of Sam Perkins told a tall tale about finding gold at the Mataura in 1862. A gold rush followed -- but it was all a fake. Perkins eventually suffered a beating and humiliation, but of course most of the miners suffered worse hardship and poverty. - RBW
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