American Volunteer, The

DESCRIPTION: "Hark, hark, hear that yell, tis the war whoop's dread sound." Indians attack and set a cottage on fire. Our Hero pursues, finds an Indian whose weapon was broken, kills him (?), attacks the Indian band, and rides away to the thanks of the community
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1935 (Gardner/Chickering)
KEYWORDS: Indians(Am.) revenge family fire
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Gardner/Chickering 93, "The American Volunteer" (1 text)
ST GC093 (Partial)
Roud #3696
NOTES [52 words]: This looks very much like a defective memory of a historical broadside (though one suspects the original of magnifying both the Indians' villainy and the hero's bravery). But the text as it stands contains neither a single proper name (of a person or a place) nor a single date, making it quite untraceable. - RBW
File: GC093

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