Brooklyn, The

DESCRIPTION: "There is a bark, a gallant bark, which lies in Boston Bay, Awaiting there her orders... She is bound for the coast of Cuba." She encounters a Spanish-speaking "private" (pirate?). The Brooklyn sinks her; the singer drinks success to her
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1878 (Frank-Pirate)
KEYWORDS: ship battle pirate drink
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Frank-Pirate 28, "The Brooklyn" (1 text, 3 tunes; from different sources)
Roud #V29712
cf. "Warlike Seamen" (lyrics, form)
NOTES [70 words]: This is clearly derived from the same basic song as "Warlike Seamen"; I thought about lumping them. But clearly one is a rewrite of the other, so we keep them separate. Frank suggests that this might be the original, because it was collected earlier, but "Warlike Seamen" gives every evidence of referring to an earlier period; I strongly doubt "The Brooklyn" is older. Whether it is traditional is open to question. - RBW
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