Alphabet Song (VI -- Joe Watson's)

DESCRIPTION: "Come all we little children Be singing while we smile, We want all folks to listen... Sing A B C D E F G.... Though it's but a beginning, We'll never it forget... It's duty to our land, And do our teachers' bidding And be wise and understand."
AUTHOR: Joe Watson (source: Fahey-Joe-Watson-AustralianTraditionalFolkSinger)
EARLIEST DATE: 1975 (Fahey-Joe-Watson-AustralianTraditionalFolkSinger)
KEYWORDS: children wordplay
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Fahey-Joe-Watson-AustralianTraditionalFolkSinger, [p. 21, page headed "Home Rule for Ireland"], "Alphabet Song" (1 text)
File: FaWTAlSo

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