Band o' Shearers, The

DESCRIPTION: As shearing season approaches, the lad asks, "My bonnie lassie, will ye gang, And shear wi' me the whole day long, And love will cheer us as we gang And join the band of shearers." The two find they are happy together, and decide to wed
AUTHOR: Robert Hogg ?
EARLIEST DATE: 1904 (Ford)
KEYWORDS: love courting work sheep
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Aber,Bord))
REFERENCES (6 citations):
Ford-VagabondSongsAndBalladsOfScotland, pp. 196-197, "The Band o' Shearers" (1 text, 1 tune)
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Roud #1524
NLScotland, RB.m.143(126), "The Band o' Shearers," Poet's Box (Dundee), n.d.
cf. "The Gallant Shearers" (chorus)
The Shearing
NOTES [80 words]: This song and "The Gallant Shearers" share a chorus and a theme, and are undoubtedly connected, though it's not clear which is older. But the feel of the verses is different enough that I follow Ord-BothySongsAndBallads in splitting them, as does Roud. - RBW
I'll follow Roud in putting Greig/Duncan3 here rather than with "The Gallant Shearers" but it could go either way.
Greig/Duncan3: "Learnt in Skene fifty-five years ago from an old Highlandman. Noted 19th December 1906." - BS
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