John Styles and Susan Cutter

DESCRIPTION: John and Susan are popping corn. At last "said she, 'John Styles, it's three o'clock, I'm dying of digestion; Instead of always popping that old corn, Why don't you pop the question?'"
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: humorous food courting
REFERENCES (1 citation):
FSCatskills 155, "John Styles and Susan Cutter" (1 text+additional composed verses; tune referenced)
ST FSC155 (Partial)
cf. "The Old Gray Goose (Lookit Yonder)" (tune)
NOTES: Cazden et al note that this piece is sung to the tune of "The Old Gray Goose (Lookit Yonder)," and was sung continuously with it; the two might form one ballad. - RBW
File: FSC155

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