Lazy Club, The

DESCRIPTION: The singer complains about his lethargic family: "My wife is such a lazy Turk, she will not do a bit of work." "My eldest daughter's just as bad; I really think she's lazy-mad." And so on, through son, servant, even dog -- leaving him to pay their debts
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1848 (Elton's Song Book)
KEYWORDS: work money
REFERENCES (2 citations):
FSCatskills 107, "The Lazy Club" (1 short traditional text plus part of a broadside version, 1 tune)
WolfAmericanSongSheets, #1232, p. 85, "Lazy Club" (1 reference)

ST FSC107 (Partial)
National Guards Song ("We are the gallant little band") (WolfAmericanSongSheets p. 105)
NOTES [47 words]: Edwin Wolf 2nd, American Song Sheets, Slip Ballads, and Political Broadsides 1850-1870, Library Company of Philadelphia, 1963, p. 85, has a broadside that lista this song as being sung to the tune of "Green Grow the Rushes, oh!" Of course, there are several songs by that name. - RBW
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File: FSC107

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