Black Sheep, The

DESCRIPTION: A father has three sons, one honest, two vile. The bad sons convince the father to evict the youngest. Then -- urged on perhaps by their wives -- they evict their father from the house. The third son, the "Black Sheep," comes forth and rescues the father
AUTHOR: William F. Gould (c. 1897) (source: Guigne)
KEYWORDS: father children rescue
FOUND IN: US(Ap,MA,MW,SE) Canada(Newf)
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NOTES [80 words]: Yes, this song DOES sound like "King Lear." Given that it is patently a stage song, I can't help but think that the author was influenced by that play.
For a vaguely similar story, with a Lear-like opening and a happy ending in which the exiled daughter marries a rich man following a Cinderella courtship, see Joseph Jacobs, collector, English Fairy Tales, originally published 1890; revised edition 1898 (I use the 1967 Dover paperback reprint), pp. 51-56, "Cap o' Rushes." - RBW
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