Free Salvation (The Resurrection)

DESCRIPTION: The expulsion from Eden is briefly told: "Man at his first creation / In Eden God did place... But by the subtle serpent / Beguiled he was and fell / And by his disobedience / Was doomed to death and Hell." The rest of the song tells of Jesus's passion
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1842 (Wesleyan Psalmist)
KEYWORDS: Bible religious Jesus death
REFERENCES (1 citation):
FSCatskills 79, "The Resurrection" (1 text plus an excerpt from the Wesleyan Psalmist version, 1 tune)
ST FSC079 (Partial)
Roud #4608
NOTES [108 words]: Most of this song is paraphrased directly from the Bible:
* The "subtle serpent": Gen. 3:1
* "by his disobedience was doomed": Rom. 5:19
* "was doomed to death": cf. Gen. 2:17, 3:2
* "rugged thorns": Mark 15:17, etc., John 19:1
* "sepulchre, as being near at hand": John 19:41-42
* "to Mary he appeared": John 20:11f. (the other gospels are less explicit)
* "go tell them I am risen... I'm going to my Father's": John 20:17 (in Mark 16:6-7 it is an angel that announces Jesus's resurrection; Jesus never appears on stage)
* "Go preach to all the nations": Matt. 28:19
* "Begin this in Jerusalem": Luke 24:47
* "I will be with you...": Matt. 28:20 - RBW
File: FSC079

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