My Irish Molly-O

DESCRIPTION: The singer, (a Scotsman,) is in love with Molly. Her parents oppose the match (because he is not Catholic). Unable to win his love, he is ready to die (and makes preparations for burial). (Common versions often lose the plot, and simply speak of courting)
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1842 (Joyce, The Native Music of Ireland)
KEYWORDS: love separation death courting
FOUND IN: US(MA,SE) Ireland Australia Britain(England(South),Scotland(Aber))
REFERENCES (12 citations):
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NLScotland, L.C.1270(006), "Irish Molly, O," James Kay (Glasgow), c. 1845; also L.C.178.A.2(256), "Irish Molly O," unknown, c. 1860

cf. "I Often Think of Writing Home" (tune)
The Lass of Swansea Town (Swansea Barracks) (per broadside Bodleian Harding B 11(2071) )
I Often Think of Writing Home (File: RcIOTOWH)
NOTES [123 words]: GreigDuncan6 1158's two fragments entitled "The Gipsy's Warning," Roud #7358, are female and male variants of the "never lay your love On the top of a tree. The branches will wither ..." verse. The notes quote Greig: "Thinks this may be chorus of the 'Gipsy's Warning.'" The notes also say, "The printed text [of Cox's version of 'The Gypsy's Warning' in Folk-Songs of the South, JHCox 149 in this index] does not contain [these] words"; neither does the text of "Gypsy's Warning" at Digital Tradition GYPWARN, quoted from Folk Songs Out of Wisconsin. For lack of evidence that this verse goes anyplace else I have stowed it with "Irish Molly, O" which often includes that verse and has been found in Scotland [see GreigDuncan6 1088]. - BS
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