Poor Little Girls of Ontario, (The)

DESCRIPTION: "I'll sing you a song of a plaguey pest, It goes by the name of the Great North-West. I cannot get a beau at all. They all skip out there in the fall." The girl describes all the men she courted who have now headed west. She declares she will follow them
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: courting separation emigration
FOUND IN: Canada(Ont,West)
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Fowke/Mills/Blume, pp. 147-149, "The Poor Little Girls of Ontario"; 150-152, "The Saskatchewan Girl's Lament" (2 texts, 2 tunes)

Roud #4513
Ann Halderman, "A Poor Lone Girl in Saskatchewan" (on Saskatch01)
Mrs. Hartley [Ethel] Minifie, "The Poor Little Girls of Ontario" (on Ontario1)

cf. "Little Brown Jug" (tune)
NOTES [23 words]: This sounds like it ought to be a humorous song about a woman who so scares men that they head west -- but it seems to be "straight." - RBW
File: FMB147

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