D'ou Viens-Tu, Bergere?

DESCRIPTION: French: "'Where did you come from, shepherd girl?' 'I came from the stable... I saw a little child... Fairer than the moon... There his mother Mary did her babe enfold... Ox and ass before him... Then came three bright angels.'"
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: Christmas Jesus religious foreignlanguage
FOUND IN: Canada(Que) US(MW)
REFERENCES (4 citations):
BerryVin, p. 14, "D'ou viens-tu, bergere? (Whence, O, Shepherd Maiden?)" (1 text + translation, 1 tune)
Fowke/Johnston, pp. 126-127, "D'ou Viens-Tu, Bergere" (1 text, 1 tune)
Fowke/MacMillan 42, "D'ou Viens-Tu, Bergere?" (1 English and 1 French text, 1 tune)
ADDITIONAL: Edith Fowke and Richard Johnston, _Folk Songs of Quebec (Chansons de Quebec)_, Waterloo Music Company, 1957, pp. 92-93, "D'ou Viens-Tu, Bergere? (Whence Come You, Shepherd Maiden?)" (1 French text plus English translation, 1 tune)

NOTES [44 words]: This is one of those Christmas songs built mostly around legends. There was no evidence that Bethlehem was cold at the time Jesus was born (for that matter, there is no evidence that it was in December), nor even that there were animals in his immediate vicinity.
The correct title of this song is "D'où Viens-Tu, Bergere?" - RBW
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File: FJ126

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