Cowboy's Prayer (I), A

DESCRIPTION: "Oh Lord, I've never lived where churches grow"; the speaker prefers the wilderness as God created it. He is thankful that he is "no slave of whistle, clock, or bell." He apologises for his failings, and asks for guidance in the future
AUTHOR: Words: Charles Badger Clark
KEYWORDS: cowboy religious nonballad
REFERENCES (4 citations):
Fife-Cowboy/West 128, "A Cowboy's Prayer" (1 text)
Saffel-CowboyP, p. 154, "A Cowboy's Prayer" (1 text)
ADDITIONAL: John I. White, _Git Along, Little Dogies: Songs and Songmakers of the American West_, 1975 (page references are to the 1989 University of Illinois Press edition), pp. 126-136, "Badger Clark, Poet of Yesterday's West" (1 text plus discussion and a short biography of Clark)
Hal Cannon, editor, _Cowboy Poetry: A Gathering_, Giles M. Smith, 1985, pp. 69-70, "A Cowboy's Prayer" (1 text)

Roud #11201
NOTES [24 words]: There is no evidence that this song has ever circulated in tradition; the Fifes included it in their book for its content, not its pedigree. - RBW
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