Fightin' Booze Fighter, The

DESCRIPTION: The singer reports, "I'm a howler from the prairies of the west; If you want to die with terror, look at me..." and goes on to describe how terrible he is. The chorus replies "He's a killer and a hater! He's the great annihilator!" and so forth
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: cowboy fight
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Fife-Cowboy/West 35, "Cowboy Boasters" (5 texts, 2 tunes; this is the "A" text)
Roud #11214
NOTES [22 words]: The Fifes seem to think this is a traditional example of cowboy boasting. I can't bring myself to believe it; it's too contrived. - RBW
File: FCW035A

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