Ring-Dang-Doo (I), The

DESCRIPTION: A young woman lets a lad ride her "ring dang doo," is kicked out of her house by her father for losing her maidenhead, and takes up prostitution. In some versions she gives her customers a social disease; in others her career ends when she dies of the pox
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: bawdy humorous disease sex whore
FOUND IN: Australia Canada Britain(England) US(Ap,MA,MW,Ro,So,SW), West Indies
REFERENCES (3 citations):
Cray, pp. 182-186, "The Ring-Dang-Doo" (3 texts, 1 tune)
Randolph-Legman I, pp. 147-151, "The Rang-a-Tang-Too" (4 texts, 2 tunes)
Logsdon 51, pp. 240-244, "London Town" (1 text, 1 tune)

Roud #1880
Anonymous singers "The Ring-A-Rang-A-Roo" [fragment] (on Unexp1)
cf. "Rackyman Doo (Ring-Dang-Doo (II))" (euphemism)
NOTES [24 words]: The first version in Randolph-Legman I (p. 147) is to the unrecognized melody of "The Irish Washerwoman," the second to "The Arkansas Traveler." - EC
File: EM182A

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