I Wish I Were Single Again (II - Female)

DESCRIPTION: The wife complains of the troubles of matrimony. When first her husband courted her, all was kindness, but now it's nothing but work and care for the children and try to stay out of trouble. She says, "I hope I shall be hanged if I ever love again."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1928 (Randolph); the "Married Woman's Lament" versions are said to be from the nineteenth century
KEYWORDS: fight husband marriage
REFERENCES (6 citations):
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Roud #436
Susan Brown, "I Wish I Was Single Again" (on HCargillFamily)
Margaret MacArthur, "Single Again" (on MMacArthur01)

cf. "I Wish I Were a Single Girl Again"
cf. "Single Girl, Married Girl"
cf. "When I Was Young (II)" (theme)
cf. "For Seven Long Years I've Been Married" (theme)
cf. "I'm Satisfied (II)" (theme)
NOTES [35 words]: Characterized by a stanza format something like this:
Once I was single and lived at my ease,
But now I am married with a husband to please,
Four young children to maintain;
Oh how I wish I were single again! - RBW
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