Father Duffy's Well

DESCRIPTION: "When lured by dreams of salmon streams, And sylvan beauties rare, The tackle stowed you take the road That leads to Salmonier." The travelers all stop to drink at Father Duffy's well. The poet tells how Duffy found the well. It should be kept pristine
AUTHOR: P. K. Devine (1859-1950 (source: Doyle-OldTimeSongsAndPoetryOfNewfoundland)
EARLIEST DATE: 1966 (Doyle-OldTimeSongsAndPoetryOfNewfoundland, 4th edition)
KEYWORDS: clergy travel
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Doyle-OldTimeSongsAndPoetryOfNewfoundland, "Father Duffy's Well" (1 text): p. 88 in the 4th edition
Roud #7296
File: Doyl4088

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