Newfoundland's Maud Muller

DESCRIPTION: "Maud Muller on that summer day Spread the fish instead of hay" and waits for the government culler. When he arrives, she feeds him liquor until he passes most of the fish. But the trick doesn't work; when it comes to market, it is re-culled
AUTHOR: M. A. Devine (source: Doyle4)
EARLIEST DATE: 1944 (Doyle4)
KEYWORDS: fishing drink trick commerce
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Doyle4, p. 73, "Newfoundland's Maud Muller" (1 text)
Doyle5, p. 59, "Newfoundland's Maud Muller" (1 text)

Roud #7303
NOTES [77 words]: This is a bit of a curiosity. The 1966 and later editions of Doyle have the piece "Newfoundland's Maud Muller," and the famous bawdy songbook "Immortalia" in 1927 has a "New Maud Muller." They are clearly related (the "Immortalia" version, which is sexually explicit, begins "Maud Muller on a Summer's day, Raked the meadows sweet with hay"), but on the face of it, neither is directly derived from the other, and I've never seen an "original Maud Muller." - RBW
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