Hole In The Wall, The

DESCRIPTION: "On a Saturday night the crowd were invited to be there on Sunday to open the ball ... I'll title the harbour 'The Hole In The Wall.'" The singer, a stranger on this shore, "saw at a glance that the girls they were plenty ... We danced the whole night."
AUTHOR: Peter Leonard
EARLIEST DATE: 1951 (Guigné-ForgottenSongsOfTheNewfoundlandOutports; MUNFLA/Leach)
KEYWORDS: dancing party shore
FOUND IN: Canada(Newf)
REFERENCES (3 citations):
Doyle-OldTimeSongsAndPoetryOfNewfoundland, "The Hole In The Wall" (1 text, 1 tune): pp. 69-70 in the 3rd edition
Lehr/Best-ComeAndIWillSingYou 52, "The Hole in the Wall" (1 text, 1 tune)
Guigné-ForgottenSongsOfTheNewfoundlandOutports, pp. 182-184, "The Hole in the Wall" (1 text, 1 tune)

Roud #4416
Harry Curtis, "The Hole in the Wall" (on MUNFLA/Leach)
NOTES [80 words]: Lehr/Best-ComeAndIWillSingYou: The song "refers to the village of Little Bona in Placentia Bay." - BS
Peter Leonard is also credited with at least four songs in the Index, "The Hole in the Wall," "Soup Supper in Clattice Harbour," and "Tobias Murphy and Tom Hann," and this one, which seems to have been his "hit"; I would guess that this is because it was printed by Doyle.
This should not be confused with the song "The Hole in the Wall" by Edward Harrigan and David Braham. - RBW
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