Trinity Cake (Mrs. Fogarty's Cake)

DESCRIPTION: "As I leaned o'er the rail of the Eagle The letter boy brought unto me A little gilt edged invitation Saying the girls want you over to tea" for "a slice of the Trinity Cake." Everyone tries the inedible cake and "all of them swore they were poisoned"
AUTHOR: Johnny Burke ?
EARLIEST DATE: 1922 (Dean); a probable version is from the Golden Gate Songster of 1888
KEYWORDS: party food humorous moniker nonballad talltale
FOUND IN: Canada(Newf) US(MW,SE)
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Mrs. Fogarty's Cake
Miss Fogarty's Cake
NOTES [138 words]: According to GEST Songs of Newfoundland and Labrador site the author died in 1930. - BS
The above presumably refers to Johnny Burke. Given the likely songster version, I doubt Burke wrote the original. He may well have created the Newfoundland ("Trinity Cake") version. The Newfoundland version is clearly localized; it has the singer be a sailor who receved word on his boat rather than from the postman at home.
I would assume the Eagle of the Burke version is the sealing steamer of that name; for more about that ship, see "The Ice-Floes."
Johnny Burke wrote another piece, "The Wedding Cake at Betsy's Marriage in Fogo," that seems like a combination of, or practice for, "Trinity Cake" and "The Kelligrew's Soiree"; it's about a wedding cake, but the list of improbable ingredients is very like "Kelligrew's Soiree." - RBW
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