Blanche, The

DESCRIPTION: The British frigate Blanche encounters the French frigate Le Picque. Although their Captain Faulknor is killed they repel a boarding party and capture the French frigate.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: before 1820 (broadside, Bodleian Curzon b.17(98))
KEYWORDS: battle death sea ship England France
Jan 4-5, 1795 - The British frigate Blanche captures the French frigate Pique (source: "HMS Pique (1795)" at Wikipedia site, accessed Sep 11, 2012).
REFERENCES (2 citations):
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Roud #4583
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cf. "Bold Adventures of Captain Ross" (tune)
NOTES [66 words]: I faintly suspect a relationship (thematic rather than textual) between this and "The Flash Frigate," which Shay thinks is about La Pique. But I have no evidence.
If it seems odd to see so many ships with French names in the British navy, the British would generally keep a French ship's name after capturing it. The British fleet had a lot of French-sounding ships in the Napoleonic era. - RBW
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