DESCRIPTION: King James II has imprisoned Bishop Trelawny in the Tower of London. "Trelawney he may die But twenty thousand Cornish bold Will know the reason why."
AUTHOR: Rev. Robert Stephen Hawker (1803-1875), according to Turner
EARLIEST DATE: 1846 (Dixon-Peasantry)
KEYWORDS: royalty clergy political rebellion
1688 - Bishop Trelawney (1650-1721) is imprisoned for seditious libel after protesting James II's Declaration of Indulgence granting religious tolerance to Catholics. He was tried and acquitted. (sources: Dixon-Peasantry; "Sir Jonathan Trelawney, 3rd Baronet" at Wikipedia. Site accessed Sep 11, 2012).
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Dixon-Peasantry, Song #36, pp. 232-233, "Trelawny" (1 text)
Michael R. Turner, _Victorian Parlour Poetry: An Annotated Anthology_, 1967, 1969 (page references are to the 1992 Dover edition), pp. 58-59, "The Song of the Western Men" (1 text)

Roud #3315
cf. "Come All Ye Jolly Tinner Boys" (lyrics)
NOTES [59 words]: According to Turner, R. S. Hawker claimed to have based his poem on "three traditional lines in the second stanza, but nobody else has found evidence of their antiquity." But something very like Hawker's words are in Dixon. And the whole thing looks like "Come All Ye Jolly Tinner Boys." There has been controversy about this that I can't settle. - RBW
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