Day That I Played Baseball, The

DESCRIPTION: "Oh, my name it is O'Houlihan, I'm a man that's influential." He normally lives a quiet life, but one day is convinced to play baseball. He strikes out, he hits fouls but runs the bases anyway; he ends up drunk and on a cattle train
AUTHOR: Pat Rooney
EARLIEST DATE: 1878 (sheet music, titled "The Day That I Played Base Ball")
KEYWORDS: humorous sports
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Dean, pp. 58-59, "The Day That I Played Baseball" (1 text)
Bronner-Eskin1 17, "Baseball" (1 text, 1 tune)

Roud #4961
cf. "The Horse Wrangler (The Tenderfoot)" [Laws B27]
The Horse Wrangler (The Tenderfoot) [Laws B27] (File: LB27)
File: Dean057

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