Turn Again, Whittington

DESCRIPTION: "Turn again, Whittington, thou worthy citizen, Turn again, Whittington, (thrice) Lord Mayor of London. Make a good fortune, Find a good wife, You will know happiness all through your life. Turn again...."
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: money political nonballad
c. 1354-1423 - life of Richard Whittington
1397 - Whittington's first (of four) terms of Lord Mayor
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Jack, p. 218, "Turn Again, Whittington" (1 text)

NOTES [69 words]: As a rhyme, this is very well known, so I'm including it here, although I am far from sure it is a folk song. Richard Whittington was a very real character, but most of the folktales about him are false -- he was a younger son, but not penniless, and there was no cat. He went to London to become a mercer, became a very successful businessman, and prospered in the reigns of Richard II, Henry IV, and Henry V. - RBW
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