Phil the Fluther's Ball

DESCRIPTION: "Have you heard of Phil the Fluther, of the town of Ballymuch? The times were going hard with him, in fact the man was broke." So he holds a party, passing the hat, promising that the more he takes in, the better the music will be
AUTHOR: Percy French
EARLIEST DATE: before 1920 (French died in that year)
KEYWORDS: music hardtimes humorous
REFERENCES (2 citations):
ADDITIONAL: _Sing Out_ magazine, Volume 32, #4 (1987), pp, 22-23, "Phil the Fluther's Ball" (1 text, 1 tune)

NOTES [63 words]: In addition to a transcription of this song, there was an interesting article about Percy French, who was an Irish-born engineer and entertainer, in Sing Out magazine, Volume 32, #4 (1987), pp, 18-20, It quotes extensively from James N. Healy, Percy French and His Songs, 1966, a book which I have not seen.
Apparently this song was based on the story of a real person. - RBW
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