Hard Working Miner, The

DESCRIPTION: "I'm a hard-working man, you can see by my hands, Although I am friendly and free, A dollar a day is very small pay For a man with a large family." The singer describes his hard work in the mines and looks forward to seeing his family
AUTHOR: Patrick J. "Giant" O'Neill (1863-1936) (source: Korson-MinstrelsOfTheMinePatch)
EARLIEST DATE: 1925 (Spencer)
KEYWORDS: mining hardtimes family money
REFERENCES (4 citations):
Korson-MinstrelsOfTheMinePatch, pp. 226-227, "The Hard Working Miner" (1 text)
Foner-AmericanLaborSongsOfTheNineteenthCentury, p. 198, "The Hard Working Miner" (1 text)
ADDITIONAL: Scott B. Spencer, editor, _The Ballad Collectors of North America_, Scarecrow Press, 2012, pp. 201-202, "(The Hard-Working MIner)" (1 text)

cf. "Jock Stewart (The Man You Don't Meet Every Day)" (tune, form)
NOTES [13 words]: For another song by Patrick J. O'Neill, see "The Battlefields of France." - RBW
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