Ballad of New Orleans (II), The

DESCRIPTION: In 1814 Andrew Jackson recruits pirate Jean Lafitte to help his American backwoodsmen-soldiers defeat Pakenham's forces at New Orleans. They do, with many humorous tales (including an alligator converted to a cannon), then celebrate with the local girls
AUTHOR: Words: Jimmy Driftwood
EARLIEST DATE: 1958 (recording by author)
KEYWORDS: army battle war food humorous animal soldier pirate
Jan 8, 1815 - Battle of New Orleans. Although a peace had already been signed, word had not yet reached Louisiana, which Pakenham sought to invade. Andrew Jackson's backwoodsmen easily repulsed Pakenham's force; the British commander was killed in the battle.
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NOTES [48 words]: I think this song is in the process of entering American tradition, and as such it deserves a place in the Index. - PJS
For background on this battle, see the traditional song "The Battle of New Orleans" [Laws A7]; also "The Hunters of Kentucky" and other songs celebrating the battle. - RBW
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