Cliffs of Baccalieu, The

DESCRIPTION: "We were homebound in October from the shores of Labrador) when a storm blows up, making visibility poor. The crew spots the deadly island of Baccalieu at the last moment and, with the ships lee rails going under, manages to turn to avoid the rocks
AUTHOR: Jack Withers (1899-1964)
EARLIEST DATE: 1979 (recording, Ryan's Fancy, but definitely older, as it is found in the Leach archives); a post at Mudcat dates it 1934
KEYWORDS: ship escape storm
FOUND IN: Canada(Newf)
REFERENCES (2 citations):
ADDITIONAL: John Feltham, _Northeast from Baccalieu_, Harry Cuff Publications, 1990, p. 78, "(no title)" (1 text)

Roud #26209
NOTES [104 words]: Although apparently a composed song, it has become so well-known in Newfoundland that many sources (including the DT lyrics page, Stan Rogers, and Feltham) list it as traditional. At this point, I think it *is* traditional, even though it may well still be in copyright.
According to Philip Hiscock's notes to this song in Eric West, Sing Around This One: Songs of Newfoundland & Labrador Vol. 2, Vinland Music, 1997, p. 54, it was written for a radio serial, "The Adventures of the Irene B. Mellon." Jack Withers wrote and directed the show; the song first appeared in April 1934, and obviously took off from there. - RBW
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