Joe Hill's Last Will

DESCRIPTION: "My will is easy to decide, For there is nothing to divide; My kin don't need to weep and moan...." "My body? Oh! if I could choose, I would to ashes it reduce...." ""This is my last and final will, Good luck to all of you, Joe Hill."
AUTHOR: Words; Joe Hill
EARLIEST DATE: 1915 (execution of Joe Hill)
KEYWORDS: execution death lastwill nonballad
1879-1915 - Life of Joel Emmanuel Hagglund, known as "Joe Hillstrom" or "Joe Hill."
1902 - Hill emigrates to the United States
Jan 10, 1914 - The Salt Lake City robbery/murder for which Joe Hill was arrested
Nov 19, 1915 - Execution of Joe Hill for the murder
REFERENCES (4 citations):
ADDITIONAL: (Barrie Stavis and Frank Harmon, editors), _The Songs of Joe Hill_, 1960, now reprinted in the Oak Archives series, p. 46, "My Last Will" (1 text)
William M. Adler, _The Man Who Never Died: The Life, Times, and Legacy of Joe Hill, American Labor Icon_, Bloomsbury Press, 2011, p. 338, "(My Last Will)" (1 text) plus a photo of the original manuscript on p. 337
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NOTES [43 words]: Not a traditional song (not a song at all in its original form), but sufficiently well-known that I thought it needed to be included here. The tune commonly heard was set by Ethel Raim decades after Hill's death. For the life of Joe Hill, see "Joe Hill." - RBW
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