I'll Never Get Drunk Any More (III)

DESCRIPTION: The singer "got frisky Over some poteen whisky," fell, cracked his skull and had his pocket picked. The landlady won't give a drunk credit. "A man that's fond of boozing, His cash goes daily oozing" He swears off drink and warns others to do the same.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1839 (Croker-PopularSongs)
KEYWORDS: warning drink nonballad money theft
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Croker-PopularSongs, pp. 96-97, "I'll Never Get Drunk Any More!" (1 text)
ADDITIONAL: Kathleen Hoagland, editor, One Thousand Years of Irish Poetry (New York, 1947), pp. 268-269, "I'll Never Get Drunk Any More"

cf. "We Won't Go Home Until Morning" (tune) and references there
cf. "Mall Brook" [i.e. "Malbrouk"] (tune, according to Croker-PopularSongs)
File: CrPS096

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