Hey, Then, Up Go We (Hey Boys Up Go We)

DESCRIPTION: "Know this, my brethren, Heaven is clear, and all the clouds are gone: The righteous man shall flourish now, good days are coming on. Then comes my brethren and be glad, and eke rejoice with me... And hey then up go we"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1681 (broadside, Bodleian Vet. A3 c.29(6))
KEYWORDS: religious death nonballad
FOUND IN: Britain(England,Scotland)
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Hogg1 9, "Hey, Then, Up Go We" (6 texts, 1 tune)
Chappell/Wooldridge I, pp. 204-208, "Hey, Then Up Go We" (1 tune, partial text)

Bodleian, Vet. A3 c.29(6), "A proper new Brummigham ballad to the tune of Hey then up go we" ("Know now my brethren heaven is clear"), unknown (London), 1681
Good Fellows all come lend an ear/The Good Fellows Consideration (BBI ZN1002)
Here is a crew of jovial Blades/The Good Fellow Frolick, Or, Kent Street Club (BBI ZN1126)
I walking near a Prison a Wall [sic]/ The Jesuits Exaltation (BBI ZN1343)
As Tom met Roger upon the Road/Tom and Rogers Contract (BBI ZN315)
A thumping lusty country lad/ Love in a Mist (BBI ZN2613)
Come listen young lovers/The Country Lass for me (BBI ZN662)
Come lovers all both great and small/ The Country Lass for me (BBI ZN669)
Come ye merry men all, of Watermans-hall/The Thames Uncas'd (BBI ZN703)
Where have you been, you drunken Dog/A Dialogue between a Baker and his Wife (BBI ZN2903)
Come, England, make a joyful Day/ England's Joy, For the Taking of the Chimney-Money (BBI ZN574)
Now now the Papists all go down/ Popery's Downfal, and The Protestants Uprising..Crowning of King William and Queen Mary (BBI ZN1951)
A Country Lad and bonny Lass/Have-at a Venture (BBI ZN726)
A frolick strange I'le to you tell/The Westminster Frolick, Or, the Cuckold of his own procuring (BBI ZN924)
A story strange I will declare/News from Crutchet- Fryers (BBI ZN2399)
Young maidens all, to you I call/Crafty Maids Invention (BBI ZN3183)
I am a Maiden in my prime/The Wanton Maidens Choice (BBI ZN1209)
You Batchelors that single are/Advice to Batchelors (BBI ZN2993)
Brave Bristol boys, where e're you be/The Brave Boys of Bristol (BBI ZN433)
Walking one Evening in a Grove/The Jesuits Lamentation (BBI ZN2723)
Since women they are grown so bad, I'le lead a single life/The Politick Countreyman (BBI ZN2364)
Fair maids draw near to me awhile/The West Country Maids Advice] (BBI ZN845)
You Dukes and Lords, and English Knights/.. Great Victory at Sea/ ..by Admiral Russel, May 1692 (BBI ZN3007)
See how the Tories drives their trade/A New Ballad, With the Definition of the Word Tory (BBI ZN2328)
The wanton Girls of Graves-end Town have now quite lost my heart/A Farewel to Graves-end (BBI ZN2724)
Now, now King James of high renown/.. Gratulation of King James the Second (BBI ZN1947)
The Lady Marquess and her gang are most in favour seen/Animadversions on the Lady Marquess (BBI ZN1594)
Come, come, my roaring ranting boys/The Merry Boys of Christmas (BBI ZN571)
What silly senseless country clown has put this wit in print/ The Citizen's Vindication Against the Downright Countryman (BBI ZN2810)
This twenty years and more that I have liv'd a single life/The Unsatisfied Lover's Lamentation (BBI ZN2584)
I am a downright Country-man, both faithful, and true/The Downright Country- Man (BBI ZN1195)
NOTES: The title of broadside Bodleian Vet. A3 c.29(6) indicates that the "original" predates 1681 by enough that the tune was already popular at that time.
Hogg1 has one entry in his main text which "I am informed ... is one of Charles I.'s time, and that it was originally an English song, though popular in this country"; that text follows the description above and broadside Bodleian Vet. A3 c.29(6). The other five texts are in his notes. Four are fragments but the fifth, which probably deserves its own entry in the index, is complete and "plainly relates to what was termed the Fanatic Plot, in the reign of Charles II." - BS
Yet another song I can't show to have existed in tradition, but which was so popular as a source of broadsides that I think it belongs here. Hard to tell, in this case, why the tune was so popular; it's not particularly effective. Perhaps it was liturgical use. - RBW
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