Sligo Town

DESCRIPTION: "O once I knew a pretty little girl When pretty little girls were but few; Ofttimes I've rolled her in my arms All over the fog and dew." After all this courting/rolling, he writes to ask if she will marry him. He wishes he were in Sligo with a girl
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: courting love separation sex
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Combs/Wilgus 180, p. 145, "Slago Town" (1 text)
Roud #558
cf. "The Foggy Dew (The Bugaboo)" [Laws O3] (theme, floating lyrics)
NOTES [31 words]: This piece is obviously derived from "The Foggy Dew," but it has picked up enough twists of its own that it deserves to be classified separately (though Roud, of course, lumps them). - RBW
File: CW145

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