There'll Be No Distinction There

DESCRIPTION: "There'll be no sorrow on that heavenly shore, There'll be no woes at the cabin door...." Singer describes heaven as a place without sorrow, poverty, class distinctions, racism, adultery, nagging women, or booze.
AUTHOR: Blind Alfred Reed
EARLIEST DATE: 1931 (recording, Blind Alfred Reed)
KEYWORDS: nonballad religious
REFERENCES (3 citations):
BrownIII 563, "Dar'll Be No Distinction Dar" (1 text)
Cohen/Seeger/Wood, pp. 232-233, "There'll Be No Distinction There" (1 text, 1 tune)

Roud #11883
Carter Family, "There'll Be No Distinction There" (OKeh 05982/Conqueror 9572, c. 1941; rec. 1940)
New Lost City Ramblers, "There'll Be No Distinction There" (on NCLR09)
Blind Alfred Reed, "There'll Be No Distinction There" (Victor 23550, 1931)

File: CSW232

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