Franklin D. Roosevelt's Back Again

DESCRIPTION: "Just hand me my old Martin, for soon I will be startin... Since Roosevelt's been re-elected, we'll not be neglected." Singer praises Roosevelt's re-election, celebrates legal liquor and the end of moonshine, and returning prosperity.
AUTHOR: Bill Cox
EARLIEST DATE: 1936 (recording, Bill Cox and Cliff Hobbs)
KEYWORDS: drink hardtimes nonballad political
1933-1945 - Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt
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cf. "The Democratic Donkey is Back In His Stall" (subject matter)
We've Got Franklin Delano Roosevelt Back Again
NOTES [72 words]: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, an anti-Prohibition Democrat, was elected to his second of four terms in 1936, carrying all but two states. - PJS
As poetry, this is about as bad as a song can get. But as a reflection of the attitude of its time, it is obviously highly accurate. - RBW
"As poetry, this is about as bad as a song can get." Oh yeah? Ever listen to "MacArthur Park"? - PJS
No, I haven't. Sounds like I should be glad.... - RBW
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