I Truly Understand You Love Another Man

DESCRIPTION: Floating verses; "I wish to the lord I'd never been born," "Who's going to shoe your foot," "I'll never listen to what no other woman says...." Chorus: "I truly understand that you love another man/And your heart shall no longer be mine."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1928 (recording, "Shortbuckle" Roark and family)
KEYWORDS: love floatingverses nonballad rejection
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Cohen/Seeger/Wood-NewLostCityRamblersSongbook, pp. 24-25, "I Truly Understand" (1 text, 1 tune)
Scarborough-ASongCatcherInSouthernMountains, pp. 125-126, "I Truly Understand That You Love Some Other Man" (1 text, filed under Child #76 along with a "Pretty Little Foot" fragment and a text of "New River Train/Honey Babe)

ST CSW025 (Full)
Roud #49
New Lost City Ramblers, "I Truly Understand You Love Another Man" (on NLCR01, NLCRCD1)
Shortbuckle Roark and Family, "I Truly Understand You Love Another Man" (Victor V-40023, 1929; rec. 1928; on GoingDown, KMM)

cf. "Fare You Well, My Own True Love (The Storms Are on the Ocean, The False True Lover, The True Lover's Farewell, Red Rosy Bush, Turtle Dove)" (floating lyrics)
cf. "Long Lonesome Road" (floating lyrics)
File: CSW025

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